Friday, November 11, 2011

Help me fill in the blank: Hello Cupcake – “____________”

tagline for blog, giveawayWhere’s the beef? Got Milk? Just do it.

I’m pretty sure we can all name the companies behind those catchy tag lines. I’ve been giving some thought lately as to whether or not Hello Cupcake should have a tag line….and I’ve decided, that yes, yes it does need a tag line!

I’ve racked my brain and even taken ideas from my marketing research group (which includes two girlfriends) to come up with a few ideas.

Here are the contenders:

Hello Cupcake - Sweet on paper
Hello Cupcake – Baking with paper
Hello Cupcake – Icing on the paper
Hello Cupcake – Make sweet your signature

Which one’s your favorite? Do you have any good ideas? Leave em’ in the comments below. If I choose your tag line idea I’ll give you $25 credit in my Etsy shop. Perfect for the holidays!

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1 comment:

  1. hmm. these aren't the best, but to keep the brainstorming going, how about:

    Hello Cupcake-sprinkling life with paper or

    Hello Cupcake-paper with sprinkles or

    Hello Cupcake-paper to sweeten your life