Monday, November 7, 2011

It’s Good to Be Home in San Francisco

Sometimes it feels so good to be home after a fantastic vacation. Until you get up on Monday morning to leave for work only to find that your car is gone. Yep, towed. But let’s try to focus on something more positive. Ok?

We had an amazing trip to NYC! So great in fact that I want to break it out into a few posts to give you an overview that does the city some justice.

Of course I did a bit of shopping damage while in NYC! Here are some of the store’s I checked out that I’d recommend paying a visit to:Uniglo, NYC, Shopping, PictureUniqlo: It’s like a Japanese Gap. Great staples and lots of beautiful colored cashmere sweaters. Plus, the packaging is fun. Think astronaut ice cream in clothing form.ABC Carpet and home, NYC, Shopping, PictureABC Carpet & Home: The ultimate home shopping experience. Five floors of gorgeous home wares and decor. Definitely worth a visit.Fishs Eddy, NYC, Shopping, PictureFishs Eddy: Fun kitchen décor. Bright colors, fun patterns. The prices are reasonable. Great place to buy gifts.Lime Light, NYC, Shopping, PictureLimelight: Honestly, the clothes are ok, but the store its self is something to be seen. It’s an old church that was once a club and has since been converted into a three story shopping experience.

(Not Pictured)
Muji: Space saving household items, good for city living. They have a little bit of everything, clothes, furniture, cooking and storage.

Moon River Chattel: Rustic home décor shop in Brooklyn. Find beautiful accents for your home without breaking the bank.

Of the places that we shopped, those were my favorites!


  1. I love ABC and Fishs Eddy! Sorry about your car, perhaps a little "retail therapy" would make you feel better about it. ;)

  2. thanks for letting me know...I think I've only been to ABC home (1st floor) - had no clue it was 5 floors! Going tomorrow!
    Also..i used to hang out at limelight when it was nightclub in the 90's - so