Wednesday, January 26, 2011

July 13, 2007

This is the very first picture taken of Christoph and me after we started dating. It was taken at a good friend’s birthday party.In all honestly, I don’t really like this picture. When Christoph first saw it he said I looked like I was about 7 months pregnant in this picture. I have not worn that shirt since. What I do like about this picture are our smiles. I also like that we are both holding water guns (what the heck?!) and I’m holding a beer. Seriously. I just love the realness.

Monday, January 24, 2011

20 Years and Two Growing Boys Later: Dining Chairs Get a New Leash on Life

My future Mother in Law has a rental unit that she is in the process of furnishing before new tenets move in. I was over a few weeks ago to help Christoph put together a dresser for one of the bedrooms when I noticed the dining room table and chairs she planned to use.This is the same dining room table and chairs that Christoph ate on as he was growing up! The chair fabric was an absolute mess (to say the least) and she had even tried to mask it by buying cushions. Unfortunately the cushions were also old and were the wrong size. The table and chair frames were still in great shape in spite of having two growing boys bounce all over them for around 15 years and then spending the next 5 years stored in the garage!I offered to recover the chairs for my future Mother in Law and she gladly accepted. The next day she went out and purchased six yards of fabric and I got to work.Material needed to recover chairs:
- Fabric: Something durable and stain resistant. I used dark blue with small gold stripes. I used around 1 yard of fabric per chair, 6 yards total (the fabric was extra wide so you may need more depending on the fabric you choose)
- Thread and a sewing machine
- Rotary Cutter
- Ruler
- Pins
- Staple gun

How to reupholster dining chairs:
Disassemble the chairs to remove the cushions. For these chairs, I had both the part that you sit on as well as the backing of the chairs to recover.Once you have the backing and the seat cushions removed, measure how long a piece of fabric you will need to cover each piece.Chair Backing: You will need to measure all the way around and give yourself an extra two inchs of fabric for sewingChair Seat: Measure the top and the sides; give yourself 3 inches of give all the way around for stapling the fabric to the bottom of the chair

Since each chair is the same, it’s safe to assume that you can cut each piece identical for each chair. So in this case, since there were six chairs, I needed to cut out fabric for six chair backings and six chair seats.

Once you have all of your pieces cut make sure you don’t mix the two. You should have one pile for the chair backing fabric and one pile for the chair seat fabric.With the printed side facing in, fold one piece of the chair backing in half and pin. Sew the fabric with one inch of margin all the way down. Remember you left two inchs of extra space when cutting? This is why.After sewing all the way down the side, turn the piece back with the printed side of the fabric facing out and check to see if this is the appropriate size to slip over the backing of the chair.It should be tight but not difficult to slip on.If it is the correct size, repeat at the same margin for the remaining five pieces of chair backing fabric. If it is not the right size, make your adjustments then continue with the remaining pieces and make any necessary changes to the piece that you already sewed.

Once you have your six chair backing finished, trim lightly to remove any excess fabric from the sewing margin to make sure that everything lies cleanly when the project is finished.Cover each chair backing by slipping on the sewed fabric. Pull tightly to make the fabric lay strait and fold the seams in to keep them from fraying. Staple.To cover the cushion of the chair seat, lay one piece of your fabric print side down on the floor. Pull sides of the fabric over and staple to the bottom of the chair. Do this all the way around, making sure the fabric is strait and tight.Continue this until all six chair seats have been recovered.

Now that all of the existing fabric has been covered with new fabric, you are ready to reassemble the cushions back into the frame of the chairs.

Reattach each piece to their original spot and there you have it!

Chairs with a new leash on life and much more pleasing to the eye! All in all this was a fairly simple project that cost around $15 and I think it makes a HUGE difference!

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Savvy Event: Chronicles of a Bride to Be!

Happy Friday!

I have just started working on a fun new project that I am excited to share with you. From now till our wedding date (July 3, 2011), I will be guest blogging every Friday on the A Savvy Event Blog!The posts will chronicle the details of our wedding and the whole wedding planning experience! Throughout the process I will be working with the talented team at A Savvy Event to pull the vision and details together.

I’m so excited to share this process with all of you!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Warm Sunny Memories

Right after graduating from college, from 2005 to 2009 I lived in Laguna Beach in a studio that was two short blocks from the beach.It was amazing. My own personal sanctuary. Everything in my style, where I wanted it and how I wanted.Oh, what a time in my life! Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE where I live and my life in San Francisco but there is something special about this place that I called home for nearly five years of my adult life.The building was an old hotel built around 1915 that had been converted into studios. My studio was converted from the formal dining room so my room had a 10 FOOT mantle and a nonworking fireplace that housed my candles.One of the windows had a tiny ocean view and the front door opened to a grassy yard on the back side of the building.I have such warm memories from this apartment and this time of independence in my life. Christoph and I first started dating in this apartment. I had the idea for Hello Cupcake in this apartment. I found out I was going to be an Aunt in this apartment. I feel like I grew as a person in this apartment. I will forever treasure these pictures and those memories.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Medical School Invitations

In June of 2009, much to my delight, Christoph finished his residency (this is the step all doctors must take after they complete medical school). After 11, yes 11 years of schooling to become a doctor, I found it fitting that we have a party. At the time, I came up with some fun, creative invitations and blogged about them HERE.

Christoph’s Residency Graduation Party Invitation:Up until now, the invitations were never listed in my Etsy shop. I thought the invitations were cool and I got great feedback from guests but I didn’t think there was a market for them.The posting that I did back in June 2009 continues to be one of my highest trafficked posts EVER! I’ve also had several people track down my email address or convo me on Etsy to purchase a set of these invitations!I’ve finally placed a listing on Etsy for you to purchase your own custom set of medical invitations HERE!

These aren’t limited to just medical school graduation invitations. They can also be customized for:
- Valentine’s Day: Prescription for love!
- Birthday Parties: Know someone who’s about to be “Over the Hill”?
- Get Well Cards: Prescription for good health!
- Theme Doctor and Nurse Parties
The possibilities are endless. I’m happy to work with you on custom orders to meet your specific needs!

Monday, January 10, 2011

This Year I Resolve To

Give Handmade Gifts or that Give Back: This year I would like to try to stick to giving gifts that I either make myself or giving gifts that give back to a charity. Obviously there will be some exceptions (I won’t give a hand sewn apron as a wedding gift….unless there is money in the pocket).

Charitable Gift Ideas:
Help to End Hunger:Feed Bag:100 school meals provided to kids in Rwanda (End hunger in your community)
Help Support Animals: Card: An animal has been helped in your honor
Help the Environment: Card: A tree has been planted in your honor

Exercise More:This was the one resolution I didn’t meet last year. And this year, I’m on Wedding Watch 2011…..meaning I need to get in shape for my wedding! Not like I’m really trying to loose weight, just tone up.

Not resolutions so much, but....
Things I Would Like to Do this Year:
- Take a tour of the Anchor Steam Brewery
- Buy a bike. A cheap one….One that will probably cost less than my helmet.
- Ride public transportation. I did it when I would visit SF….since I’ve lived here, I haven’t done it. Not-a once! Not even the cable car!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our Feature on Wedding Chicks

This morning I got an email from our wedding photographer Jessamyn Harris that said “I’ve been waiting to reveal my l’il surprise for you…..”

Surprise indeed! Our engagement pictures were featured on Wedding Chicks!

Modern Engagement Shoot from Jessamyn Harris:Text from the Wedding Chick’s post:

"Congratulations to all of you newly engaged ladies out there. We thought you might love to have a little engagement session inspiration. Stacy and Christoph are getting married at Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma next July, but live in San Francisco, so they hopped around to some of their favorite locations. Enjoy all of this engagement session love from Jessamyn Harris

There are so many more images to swoon over. Click here to see them all."

I’m over the moon excited about this! I am very familiar with the Wedding Chicks website and turn to it often for ideas and inspiration with my wedding planning so it really is an honor to be included as an inspiration for other brides. I am also thrilled to pieces that they showed our Save the Date!!!!

I sent an email to my family this morning and to help put this into perspective for them I explained that this would be the equivalent of having your home featured on Architectural Digest! Yes, it’s big!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Our Save the Date's

If you are familiar with my ETSY Shop then you know that I’ve been making my own stationery for a while now. When we got engaged….ok, really, before we got engaged, I knew that I would be taking on my own Wedding Invitations, Save the Dates and all things paper for the wedding.In keeping with my design aesthetic, I wanted to go with something simple. I really liked the way my very first Save the Date attempt came out so to get Christoph on board, I actually did a full set mock up (Save the Date, Wedding Invitation, RSVP Card and Info Card) with the design. Then I left it on the coffee table for a few days and then finally asked him what he thought. I figured if they became a part of his natural surroundings he might decide that he really liked them. It worked!The design is very clean, all text is lowercase and the shapes are basic. Just my style.

I did all of the work over the course of a month or so. I printed at home on my trusty Lexmark, I cut and glued all of the liners, Christoph did most of the return address stamping, the invites were cut at Kinko’s, the corner rounding was done at home and I fine-tuned my cursive hand writing to address the envelopes.

Teal Envelopes – Paper Source
Yellow Envelope Liner– Paper Source
Embossing Tool & Plates – Paper Source
White Pen – Paper Source
Invitation Paper – Crane Paper

I LOVE the way these turned out and the actual wedding invitations are EVEN better! I’m really excited about it.In a fun nostalgic moment, I actually mailed out the Save the Dates in my home town of Upland, CA on Thanksgiving Day! We were on our way to my brother’s for dinner. Unintentional Plus: The envelopes match my shirt dress!

PS: Today is the Six Month mark! We say our ‘I do’s’ in just six short months!

*First Photo By: Jessamyn Harris