Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Wedding Invitations

I had to call in both the mom’s to make this happen on time. My Mom and Christoph’s Mom.Months back, I thought I had the invitation plan finished. First the outer envelope, invitation, rsvp card and rsvp envelope. Then as the months went by, I kept adding to it.When it was all said and done there was the outer envelope, invitation, rsvp card, rsvp envelope, information card, clear cello inner envelope, bakers twine and the circle sticker.Not to mention that I hand wrote our address on all of the return address envelopes and I wrote out the mailing addresses for all of the recipients.Overall, it was a lot of steps and a lot of work for our invitations. But it was so worth it!!!I love that they are unique to us, they absolutely fit with the look and feel of our wedding. I’ve gotten amazing feedback on them and I get excited every time I see an RSVP card in our mailbox.I’ll be giving more details in my next wedding invitation post. It’ll include things like measurements, details and steps.

As a reminder, you can see our Save the Dates here.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Formal Invitation Post to Follow

If I were to tell you that making our own wedding invitations was a lot of work, I’d be totally lying.Making our own invitations was a TON of work!!!!!!!! Let me just say it again so you understand. It was a TON of work. But it was totally worth it. Next week I’ll be blogging about our invitations. In a two part post, I’ll show you detailed pictures and then an overview of the steps taken for each invitation.

Just wait; you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fashionably Made: City Hall

Today was a really special day. Christoph and I got our marriage license! Another item to check off my wedding to do list!We made an appointment online then met at city hall to take care of the paperwork.I wanted to wear something a little special for the occasion. My white lace top is actually a dress worn as a top. I figured this was a plus in case we decided to jump ship on waiting to get married in July. Ditch the skirt and wa-la, you’ve got a white lace dress. Don’t worry that didn’t happen. Dress, worn as top: LF, Skirt: Y & I Boutique, Shoes: Adrienne Vittadini, Tights: Express, Headband: Stacy, Jewelry: David Yurman, Purse: HoBo

The experience of getting our marriage license was really nice. This was my first trip to San Francisco City Hall and it was absolutely gorgeous. While we were going through the paperwork process we kept seeing brides in white dresses and couples who were in love.

What a fun wedding task!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wax & Pixels

A few weeks ago our wedding photographer Jessamyn Harris sent us a package out of the blue. FUN!!!!! You already know how much I love her work because I wrote about it here, here and here!I opened the package with delight and came across two beautiful black boxes with a belly band that read “Wax & Pixels.The boxes contained two of our engagement photos that had been completely transformed into something incredibly special!Wax and Pixels takes photos and transforms them into unique works of art using beeswax. The process brings out this richness in the photos giving them an almost eerie quality that is a true thing of beauty.The photos are mounted on wood then painted with several layers of wax. You can actually see a post of our pictures being made HERE! This is so cool!I am absolutely in love with these and we have already given them a prominent spot in our bedroom. I look forward to expanding my collection of Wax & Pixels with the photos that Jessamyn takes after the wedding.

Second through fifth picture by: Jessamyn Harris

B.A.D. Girls

People look at you funny when your hair is tall enough to hit the roof of your car. This all stated a few weeks ago when I got an evite from “Queen Elizabitch” to go watch the B.A.D girls roller derby in Oakland. B.A.D roller derby: full contact, all female, totally awesome.

We were told to come up with our roller derby name and come in costume.Around 10 fully committed derby girl fans came out to enjoy an afternoon in the sun and then go cheer on the B.A.D. girls as they competed against the Rocky Mountain Fight Club at the Craneway Pavilion.

In attendance there was:
Queen Elizabitch and Ammo WinehouseCleosmackya and Hoe Down/Ammo WinehouseBetty Rage/Ammo WinehouseQueen Elizabitch, Honey Badger, Betty Rage, Punky Bruiser, MereDeathYep, we’re a group of BAD Bitc*es!

We spent the afternoon in the backyard BBQ’ing up make your own mini pizzas on a pizza stone (amazing) and drinking PBR. Then it was off to the derby!The atmosphere was electric. The girls, they’re tough! The crowd was huge! It was a really fun night.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cutting Out

To my sewing machine and Winnie, my trusty mannequin it’s going to be very lonely for you the next two months. You see, it’s wedding crunch time (6 weeks!! to go!!) and between working full time and fulfilling orders for Hello Cupcake I just don’t have much time to sew.

Fashionably MADE is going to have to take a little vacation while I put the finishing touches start working on all of my wedding DIY projects. I will do my best to sprinkle in some projects as we go along. After all, I consider sewing to be quite therapeutic.

I hope you’ll understand.



Image by Christine Chang

Monday, May 16, 2011

Esther's Art

Before Sarah and I went out on the stand up paddleboards last month, she made a quick phone call to her sister Esther.

Esther is an incredibly vibrant young lady with talent spilling out of her tiny frame. She is an amazing artist.While we were out on the boards, Esther sat on the beach, drawing and sketching. Later in the day, we went back to Sarah’s house to chow down on burgers, fries, beer and mimosas. Yes, it was a great day.While Sarah and basked in the sun, Esther sat in the shade finishing her piece. An hour or so later, she was done and I went to check it out. I was absolutely blown away by what she had created in such a short amount of time. It was an oil drawing of Heisler Park, the beach we were on complete with two tiny little frames on paddleboards on the horizon. Me and Sarah!Everything was exactly as it had been when Sarah and I were on the water. I purchased the piece of art from Esther as a memento that had so perfectly captured the day. Esther's work is nothing short of amazing.You can check out Esther’s Art HERE.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Unusual forms of Exercise

Before moving to San Francisco, I spent 5 years living in Laguna Beach. I met my friend Sarah at work but we ended up living just a few short blocks away from each other. I probably spent more time with her than with Christoph.Not only was she was my carpool buddy, but she was and is one of my most trusted confidants and my exercise guru.

Sarah is someone who will jump on the bandwagon and try out the latest and greatest exercise techniques. In 2008, she got me hooked on Bikram yoga and now, in 2011, she’s got me into stand up paddle boarding.She convinced me to give it a go last month when I went down to So. Cal. I’m a fairly coordinated person and I thought it would be a fun challenge.She’s a pro….or so she says. Claiming she never falls in the water and that sometimes she’ll even take the board out in the morning wearing her sweatpants.

Liar! She fell in. Of course, I’m not one to talk. I fell in twice. Once on my own when I was getting the hang of it and the second time, because I was laughing so hard at her swimming around trying to get back on the board.But all in all, we both did well. Getting in our exercise and showing off our best camel pose on a paddle board. Why not combine two fun exercises that you love? Yoga and paddle boarding. Sounds like a winning combo.All in all, a great way to spend some time with one of your best friends while getting in some exercise.

Love you Sarah!

Friday, May 13, 2011

I've Got Your Number Sunday

This weekend is the 100th running of Bay to Breakers. Bay to Breakers is a 12k race held annually in San Francisco. The name reflects the course which goes from downtown near The Embarcadero (the "bay" side of the city) to the west end of the city or the "breakers" of Ocean Beach. It’s a 7.5 mile race with athletes and of course costumed runners out for a good time.

Christoph and I are signed up! I still don’t know if we will be dressing up in costume for the run. Seeing that it is the 100th year, a friend of mine thought of the idea to go as Willard Scott, who is on the Today show celebrating people who reach their 100th birthday and someone turning 100. Have you seen this on the today show? Brought to you by Smuckers!

Today, I went on my lunch break to go pick up my race number and check out the expo. My review….Not worth spending time in the expo. All the vendors were pretty lame, except Virgin America which was taking pictures of runners on fun backdrops.Ok, in all serious, we are running a 12K and we haven’t been training….oh, yeah and Christoph has us singed up for one of the faster running groups. Geeze.

But judging by my past race runs, i'm sure we will have a great time! As long as we can beat people running with strollers and sleeping babies. They're fast sometimes!

First Image From HERE

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fashionably MADE: Clutches

Last week, I spent all of my free time working on wedding invitations, Etsy orders and these clutches. I wanted to put something together for my sister-in-laws since I knew that they were going through an incredibly difficult time.I love these girls like they truly are my sisters; I’ve known them since I was 14!I went to the fabric store and picked out fabric that I thought best fit each of their personalities.Heart fabric, which I also used to make this shirt was for Chelsea, the youngest sister. Because of her, I truly feel like and older sister. It has been amazing to watch her grow up. The leopard print was for Christy the sister who is just one year younger than me and has an amazing fashion sense. She also made me this ring. The abstract shapes was for Candice, who is married to my brother and always gravitates towards classics in fun colors. She truly is one of my very best friends. I absolutely treasure her. I also found some great books to give to each of the girls. Just a little something special to help them through this difficult period.

The Proposal

It has been exactly one year since we got engaged. I mentioned it on the blog, but I never actually shared the story. So here goes!

From my point of view:
I always thought I would have seen it coming. That I would have known from the get go that “today is the day he is going to propose”. We had been talking about getting married for months, we had gone ring shopping and I had plotted out all the proposal possibilities in my mind (my birthday, when we go to Europe, the next time we go to see my family etc.). He went with none of the options I had thought of and as it turns out, I was totally taken by surprise.

It was Monday, May 10th (the day after my birthday). On my way home from work, I was thinking, “Ok, Christoph is at work tonight. Maybe I’ll watch The Bachelor, maybe I’ll organize my envelopes by size and color. I guess I’ll have scrambled eggs and toast for dinner. I really need to go to the store.” Sounds like an exciting night to me.

I got home and checked the mail. It was empty except for a small bouquet of flowers and a card (this card). The card said there was one last birthday gift for me upstairs. I thought to myself, “how sweet! Christoph must have put these flowers in the mailbox before he went to work.” I had no idea what the ‘gift upstairs’ was because he was supposed to be at work.

I walked upstairs and opened to door. There were rose petals all down the hallway and to my right and strait ahead there were bouquets of flowers with pictures of Christoph and I. The house smelled like a rose garden, there was soft romantic music playing. Ginger came running to greet me. I stood there frozen, completely dumbfounded with the front door wide open.
Ginger thinking it was time to go to the park went running down the stairs. I snapped out of my haze and took off after her. Running down four flights of stairs. I caught her at the bottom and walked her back up to our floor, went inside and closed the door. I walked towards the back of the apartment. Everywhere I looked, there were flowers and candles. I found Christoph standing in the living room all dressed up. I was so confused all I could say was “you’re supposed to be at work”. He told me he didn’t have to work that evening and then he led me out on the balcony and proposed.
I was crying, he was teary and I think I said yes. I meant to say yes, but in the moment of it all I think I just kissed him. But the answer was yes. The weather that day had been quite overcast and within moment of the proposal, the sky opened and a beautiful rainbow could be seen all the way across the sky. It was surreal.
Sure enough, he had the whole proposal planned for months. We later went to dinner in the neighborhood at Venticello Ristorante.
It was amazing. I’m still in awe. We’re engaged!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Words to Live By

Thank you so much for your nice words, kind thoughts and understanding. Last week was tough, but I’m truly blown away by the compassion and empathy expressed by my dear friends in the blogging community. Thank you!Ok, so let’s start the week of with something fun. Today’s my birthday! No really, TODAY is my birthday! It’s the start of a new year for me and I think it’s really safe to say that 28 just might be one of my most special years! I’m getting married this year!

Let's celebrate by doing something fun. Ok?In my last Fashionably MADE post I had made this Chevron Clutch.Well I made another and this one is for one or you! To enter, just leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about birthdays and I’ll pick a luck winner at random on Friday (must have at least 10 give-a-way!)

Wise words/Image from HERE

Monday, May 2, 2011


I do hope you’ll understand. I will not be blogging this week. My family is dealing with a shocking and tragic loss. Even the sight of this picture makes it so I have to take in huge breaths of air in an attempt to keep the tears from falling.

Positive things on the horizon I can focus on:
- I will see my family this weekend and boy do I need them
- I’m planning to get my wedding invitations in the mail this week
- My birthday is on Monday, 28 here I come.

Image From HERE