Sunday, February 26, 2012

Having Way Too Much Fun

If you were at the Gap and Rue event last week and Sarah (pictured right) offended you, then….I’m not sorry. Because if you can’t handle my friend than you probably wouldn’t like me much either. That girl’s a trip and you never know what’s about to come out of her mouth. It’s my favorite.

Sarah is one of my besties and she was in town to take care of some details for her upcoming San Francisco wedding. To kick off the visit, we went to the event which was a blast btw! Congrats to the awesome girls of Rue Magazine for their much deserved success and cheers to Gap in seeing the potential for success when teaming up with rad ladies!

FYI- Be sure to visit Shop Sweet Things blog for a great recap of the event! Thanks Jeanne :)

Photos via Smilebooth

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