Friday, March 30, 2012

Savvy In San Francisco: The balancing act

Some Mom’s make it look easy. Their children are happy and healthy and they have a strong relationship with their significant other. They operate as a team and combined, make one heck of a family unit. That’s Melissa. She’s the mother of three young kiddos and she’s young, hip and honest!

Today Melissa is sharing her perspective on finding balance with family while maintain her individual identity.Hi everyone! Melissa from Savvy in San Francisco here! I was thrilled that Stacy asked me to guest post while she is away on her fabulous vacation in Dubai!

Stacy asked me to talk about finding balance in my relationship with my husband, Carlos, while still trying to be the best parent I can to my three bambinos. We were talking at an event the other night about Stacy’s vacation and I was encouraging Stacy to take as many vacations as she could with her husband prior to starting a family and to really enjoy this “couple” time. You will be able to vacation after the babies arrive, but the vacations will change as you try to find more kid friendly options.

We know that we want to take our children to Europe and show them all of the amazing things that we love about it, but we know that will be a ways out (at least till the youngest is old enough to appreciate it). But we still wanted to have those experiences too. One of the best/hardest things we did four years ago was to leave Landon (my now five year old) with my parents, while we went on vacation to Paris. I remember crying in the car as we drove to the airport and I wondered if we had made the wrong decision. But what that vacation did was give us time to reconnect as a couple and remember what made our relationship truly special. It gave us time to slow down and focus on each other. It gave us time to realize, “That’s right, I remember you, I remember us, I remember why I love you so much!” What helped me tremendously since I was missing Landon like crazy was that we were able to talk to him every night of our trip via Skype and then my Mom would write me an email from Landon every morning of what he had done that day (since we were in completely different time zones).

Another thing we do to make sure that we have time for us is to try to have at least two date nights a month. I think that it is easy to get bogged down by the day-to-day routine and not take the time to reconnect as a couple. We try to have our “grownup” date night twice a month to be able to have full conversations without being interrupted. Now don’t get me wrong, 90% of our conversation is about the children, but it’s still nice to have that time.

I think it’s important if you can take the time to have that date night, weekend away or even a vacation as a couple to make sure that your connection is strong as a couple. I think that if the two of you are happy and in love that the children can see that and feel it.

How do the other parents out there make sure you have “us” time?

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