Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tiffany Moore: Chasing Dreams and Taking Risks

Tiffany inspires me. That’s the easiest way to put it. She’s a dream chaser who’s not afraid to take risks. She’s a certified life and business coach as well as an artist and one of the founders of Tea House Studio. In January she announced a goal that really resonated with me. She set out to receive 100 rejection letters in 2012. Yes, rejection letters. She was going to start asking, to put herself out there, to think big, to be ok with being told no and to celebrate the times when she was told yes. This sounded like quite a journey to me. After all, you’ll never go anywhere if you don’t even try.

Today, Tiffany is sharing her perspective on taking risks and being ok with failing!Risk is scary. It's big. There's always a chance in life that things will go quite poorly.

Risk definitely brings out my worst-case scenario thinking (mine is that I'll be homeless).

But what if you were able to turn these feelings on their head and change your perspective?

This is what I've done for myself with my 100 rejection letters project. I've made the rejection letter the goal. 100 is A LOT of rejections, so many that I can't help but celebrate each and every one I get. So far this year, I've only gotten 2. Right, I need to get to work…..

But while I've gotten the 2 rejections, I've also been hearing a lot more of the word YES. And because I have such a lofty goal, I have been applying for opportunities I would normally only think dreamily about.

My promise to myself was that if I saw anything even remotely interesting, I would say yes. Raise my hand, say yes, and figure out the details later.

We don't have any idea about what we're capable of until we are put to the test. (Life lesson alert!). Last week, one of my biggest yes’s came to fruition with a guest post over on Design for Mankind. Imagining how to write a guest column (as a life coach!) on a design blog was scary. I couldn't think of anything that would work. But, I raised my hand and pitched an idea and I was told YES! I took a deep breath and figured it out. As we always do when put to the test.

People always ask me how to get around fear, and the hard truth is that you don't. There's no way to work around fear. They key is to do what needs to get done despite the fear. Doing the work is the only way. Doing it all the time, every day, will help you get to amazing places in your life. I promise.

Get to sparkling, you crazy diamonds!


Be sure to learn more about Tiffany, her coaching and art HERE!

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