Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dubai and Abu Dhabi - Meet the Animals

It’s hard to sum up such an amazing trip in just a few blog posts! I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around what would be best to cover! So I’m just gonna go with it.Throughout the UAE, you’ll find souk’s (open air marketplaces). There is a different souk for just about everything: rug souk, spice souk, fabric souk and yes, even a camel souk. We visited them all. This picture was from a trip to the camel souk. You know I wanted to bring home my very own baby camel, but this picture will have to do. How cute is this baby camel kiss!One of my favorite tours on the trip was that of a falcon hospital. Falcons are an important part of UAE history and culture. You can have them as pets and you can even fly with them in airplane, first class only and they must have both a passport and seat. That’s wild, right?One of the most surreal experiences I had in Dubai was scuba diving in the world’s largest aquarium. Yes, an aquarium… a mall! Imagine swimming around with sharks and rays, looking out to see people snapping you picture and seeing people coming and going out of shops like Forever 21 and Aldo. Crazy. This pic was taken after the dive (notice the wet hair). I’ll be sure to post some actual dive pics at some point. Towards the end of our trip, we went on a desert safari. We rode camels, sand surfed down dunes, rode quads and went “dune bashing” (flying up and down steep sand dunes in a car, hoping the car doesn’t tip over)– so scary but amazing. Leave it to me to find the animals…these goats were so adorable!

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