Thursday, May 3, 2012

Things I’m Afraid to Tell You

I don’t fluff my blog posts with words I don’t use in real life.  I find words like swoon, blooms and baubles silly and overused and I just assume say love, flowers and jewelry.   And I think it’s safe to say that you read my blog because I keep it real and share my struggles in small business ownership and life but there are plenty of things I’m afraid to tell you and it’s no accident I omit them from the blog.

The Things I’m Afraid to Tell You Challenge started when Jess wrote THIS honest post about things she was afraid to share with her readers.  It snowballed through blogland prompting some 50+ bloggers (myself included) to take part.  The lovely Ez from Creature Comforts managed to effortlessly pull us all together in a matter of days to make this challenge a reality.

So here goes, these are the Things I’m Afraid to Tell YOU my dear reader!
  • I lie when asked where I went to college.  I went to Texas A&M University-Commerce (truth). Unless you are very familiar with Texas, when I respond with “I went to Texas A&M-Commerce” people only hear “I went to Texas A&M” so I started omitting the “Commerce” part which is fine until you tell someone you went to Texas A&M and then they say they did too and you have to backtrack and tell them that it was a different campus. Weird looks usually follow and I’m embarrassed. 
  • My spelling is horrendous.  When writing handwritten notes, I’ll either type them out first or I’ll change what I want to say to what I know how to spell.  Not good. Not good at all. 
  • Sometimes I’m embarrassed to tell people I don’t know well that my husband is a doctor because I think they will have a preconceived idea that we are loaded.  We’re not.  I still worry about money every day and could tell you down to the dollar how much money I made last month.   At this point in my venture I couldn’t support myself without him (I would be back at my 9-5).  That feels shitty.
  • I’m panicked at the thought of failing. I just quit my full time job to pursue my creative passions. I doubt myself daily and these days I cry more often than I can remember in recent years (P.S. – I cried while writing this post.  I didn't want to tell you that. But I just did.)
  • I’m not confident in my graphic design skills yet I sell stationery.  Requests for custom orders are the worst. 
  • I’m working on a new venture that I hope to launch within the next week (hence the lightness in blog posts as of late).  I’m scared that the website won’t look professional enough.  I couldn’t pay to have the website done by a professional.  As per usual, I’m doing it and I’m making shit up as I go.
  • I was recently told that I’m really good as shutting people down without even trying.  OUCH. Double ouch that it’s true.  I need to be more patient and remember that sometimes people just need to get it out and they just need you to listen.
So there you have it.  The things that I am afraid to tell you. Maybe you're compelled to create and share a list of your own? Do it.

Be sure to visit Creature Comforts Blog for a list of participating bloggers!


  1. Stacy, thanks for sharing! I relate on many of your points--will try to work up a post as well. Thanks for being so inspiring for other designers!

  2. I love the honesty of this post.I have read a couple other blogs with the things I'm afraid to tell you post. I can sympathize most with yours. So thank you. :)

  3. O.k. lady, I don't even know you and yet, I'm so proud of you. It's hard to come clean and admit stuff. I said it on my own blog today and I believe it's true that the more light we shed on the things hiding in the closet the less power they hold. You are also so brave to be following your dreams. Try not to judge yourself for crying - it's just part of the process. Growing pains, maybe. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Loving all of these posts.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing. You inspired me to write one myself. (Although it won't go up until tomorrow morning.) I very much identify with what you say about being a designer (although I'm not nearly as legit as you!) and about the fear of failure. In writing my own post I realized that my fear of failure kinda runs my life! Eek. Here's to recognizing these things and seeing how we can support each other in growing past these fears. All the best!

  5. Congratulations!!! That's all I have to say...your work is cute. You're always your worst critic....keep your head up and tell yourself everyday that you are amazing :)

  6. LOVED this! Thank you for your honesty.

  7. Thanks for doing this Stacy (and thanks for your sweet note the other day too... it meant a lot to me). I've been working on my own post this week and still trying the courage to finish and hit publish.

  8. i only just came across your blog via the list of people writing about this!
    i started reading one & couldn't stop & have been reading everyones posts - and man is it re assuring!
    I too have just stared my own business & am relying on my husband to support us (he is a policeman so we are also by no means loaded!) i feel guilty everyday that i am not working (as I'm still trying to build up clients some weeks i don't have a single bit of work on which is depressing!) and he is working his ass off so we can pay the bills. I am an interior architect & i can also relate to not feeling confident in yourself sometimes! but as my old boss once said to me "you can do it 100 times better than the client would have done if they did it themselves" lol. ALSO so relate about the website - i too can't afford for anyone else to do it so haven't got one up yet - have tried myself but just thought it looked shit house compared to all the other great ones out there & never finished it! anyway enough of my rant! i will now follow your blog & keep doing what your doing - you will build up the confidence as you go along - i know i am! sal x (