Monday, June 11, 2012

Easy Caramel Apple DIY

Lately I’ve had a serious sweet tooth and those gorgeous granny smiths were just calling my name!Apple1

Caramel apples are a great make ahead treat that can be given to guests, served at a party or just a little Saturday afternoon snack if you’re like me.
Material Needed:

-          Granny Smith Apples (tip- look for apples that don’t tilt)

-          Soft Caramel Chews (around 1/3 pound per apple)

-          Toppings (tip- ice cream stores sell toppings which saves $ and you get a better assortment!)

-          Lollipop Sticks

-          Wax Paper

-          Hammer


-          Remove the stem and wash and dry your apples

-          Hammer the lollipop stick through the center of the apple

-          In a saucepan, melt your caramel on a super low heat stirring constantly (be patient so as not to burn it)

-          Once the caramel is ready, roll your apple through the hot caramel coating all sides

-          Immediately pour toppings over the outside of the apple

-          Place on wax paper to dry

The process was fairly simple but I might try adding milk next time to make the caramel a bit thinner. 

FYI- Don’t touch the caramel before it has had a chance to dry.  It gets hotter than it looks and my finger sure would have appreciated this tip.  Ouch!  

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