Thursday, August 30, 2012

First stop of our Italian Vacation: Florence

Words, words, words. How do you find the right words to sum up Florence? In short – our time here so far has been absolutely wonderful. FL1F We’ve managed to fill our days with museums, unbelievable food and even making new friends along the way. On our first morning we woke up extremely early because we hadn’t yet adjusted to the time difference and we found the city all to ourselves! We also ended up being second in line to visit the Ufizzi Museum, which is known to have a four hour wait if you don’t arrive early. FL2F That evening we sat next to a lovely couple: she being a goldsmith from California and living in Italy for years mastering her trade (see her work here) and he being from the area. They helped us to fill our itinerary with must visit local eateries. FL3F Today we are off to our next destination – Bologna which is rumored to have some of the best food in all of Italy. I’ll keep you posted on my findings :)

Image 1: The view from the Ufizzi
Image 2: Enjoying pizza in a piazza (I’ve conquered two pizzas so far)
Image 3: Relaxing and the Duomo which we hiked to the top of

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