Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Office Progress: The Gallery Wall Art is Up

It has taken me a good six months but I’m happy to report that my office is coming along! I finally collected enough prints and artwork to make a gallery wall. With some help from my reluctant husband I was able to get these prints hung in just over an hour (thanks babe!).How to hang a gallery wallYou’ve probably seen a version or two of the trick to cut out paper the size of your frame and use that as a guide to hang a gallery wall over on pinterest. I tried it and yep, it works.GW2F
GW4FI love how things are coming along and can’t wait to show you more details of my home as it comes together!

Prints: Flowers/Underwater - Etsy, CA & Skyline: Etsy, Monet: National Gallery of Art, Bear: Unknown

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  1. Looks great! It's so nice to have an inspired space to foster inspired thoughts.