Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Year in Review

2012, you've been quite a year.  Here's why:
20121 F20122 F Biggest Opportunity: That Time I Met & Interviewed Jonathan Adler
Best Decision (career move): Big News (so, so excited!)
Biggest Publication: Step Aside Fear of Failure! I’m on MSN! 
Best Vacation: Living in a Pinterest Picture: Cinque Terre, Italy
Best Investment: Risks & Tasty Rewards
Proudest Moment: I'm So Proud of Her
Favorite DIY: Rue Magazine DIY - Step by Step
Best Room Transformation: Office Progress: The Gallery Wall Art is Up
Best Recipe: Tasty and Easy Beet Salad Recipe
Best Theme Party: Bandaids & BBQ - Medical Theme Party
Best Birthday Surprise: Birthday Adventure
Best Wedding Surprise: Published: Southern Weddings Magazine

A look at 2011: HERE

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