Monday, December 24, 2012

DIY Décor for a New Year’s Eve Party

It has become a bit of a tradition that we look forward to every year – our annual New Years Eve party! A few weeks after the invitations were sent I saw these “Pop Fizz Clink” cards from Kate Spade and the décor ideas seemed to flow from there!DIY New Years Eve Party Decorations and DecorI kept everything simple and inexpensive. I bought two yards of gold lamé fabric to cover a painting that hangs in our dining room and I used a total of six sheets of fancy cardstock paper from Michaels.2NYEFI laid out the text “Happy New Year”, “Pop”, “Clink”, “Fizz”, and “2013” in various sizes to be used as drink markers, hanging banners and a cake topper – you can download the files HERE and with an X-Acto knife and scissors use them as stencils for your own party!DIY NYE Party Decor New Year The entire project took me a few hours and cost me less than $20!3NYEFNYEF Whatever you’re doing to ring in the New Year, have fun and be safe! I look forward to putting on a fancy party dress and toasting my friends in the comfort of my own home!

Download the file to make your own NYE Party Stencils HERE!

P.S.- I plan weddings and events so please Contact Me if you would like to work together on your upcoming event!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

DIY Wooden Bead Gum Ball Necklace

I love simple DIY projects that don’t take much time to complete or call for difficult to find material.  This painted wooden bead necklace was the perfect evening project and it also makes for a great last minute holiday gift!DIY wooden bead gum ball necklaceNecklace2F Material: _DSC0622F - Wooden Beads (I found mine at Michaels)
- White Twine
- Acrylic Paint
- Paintbrush
- Painters Tape
- Straw
_DSC0603F 1.) String your wooden beads on the straw (you may need to squish the straw a bit to make the beads fit).  This will help to keep your fingers paint free and the beads free from finger smudges
2.) Paint your beads and let them dry
3.) Cover half of your bead with painters tape and paint the exposed half with a different color (I only painted four out of five beads with a second color)
4.) Let the beads dry and remove the tape
5.) String your beads on the twine and tie a knot at the end once you’ve determined your desired length

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Perfect DIY Gift for Drop in House Guests

I subscribe to the philosophy that homemade gifts of food are always a good idea.  I wanted to make something simple to have on hand for friends and neighbors that drop by.  My solution – Chocolate covered peppermint Joe Joes with a crushed candy cane topping!
Easy DIY Christmas Holiday Gift for Guests
They were fairly easy and inexpensive to make!  I placed the finished cookies in a cellophane bag, tied it with a bow and adorned them with a gift tag from my Etsy Shop!
Christmas Gift Tags Etsy
Material Needed:
- Peppermint Joe Joes (from Trader Joe’s or Oreos)
- Chocolate Chips
- Candy Cane Pieces (crush with a hammer)
- Parchment Paper
- Cellophane Bag & Ribbon

Directions: Melt the chocolate, dip the cookie, sprinkle the candy cane topping and place to dry on parchment paper


I look forward to handing these out to friends and family!  Do you have any easy recipes or gift ideas that you keep on hand during the holidays?  

Monday, December 17, 2012

Ray & Sarah's Beverly Hills Wedding

I’ve known Ray and Sarah since I first began dating Christoph in 2007. You see, Ray is Christoph’s best friend and the jokes date back many years as to who is closer to Christoph. I win – ooooobvioulsy, but Ray and Christoph are extremely close.RS1FSarah is one of the most loving people I know and Ray was fortunate enough to capture her heart. Their Beverly Hills wedding this past October was absolutely beautiful.RS3FI was honored when the couple asked me to design signature drink signs for the cocktail hour (more in my Etsy Shop). As a result of this wedding – my drink of choice is an old fashioned.RSDrinkFAmong many other sweet details from the day was the guest gift – flower bulbs along with a sweet note.  Mine are planted and I wait with great anticipation to see what blooms!RS4FCongratulations Ray and Sarah – two people who Christoph and me consider to be a part of our family.