Thursday, February 7, 2013

Edible Valentines Day Card DIY

We keep the pressure low for Valentine’s Day and a special card is all that we exchange. This year I decided to up the anti just a bit and made an edible Valentine’s Day card using Airheads Candy! photo 32f99b35-5bea-4439-9657-8a257757bff1.jpg photo c1024fdc-4be7-4d5e-8817-b349e5724200.jpgMaterial Needed:
- White Canvas
- Frosting
- Cutting Board
- Knife

- Cut the airheads bars in even squares (1.5x1.5 inches)
- Cut each 1.5x1.5 inch square into quarters
- I wanted my heart to look pixelated so I laid it out on the cutting board before “gluing” into place
- Use the frosting to “glue” the airheads squares into place to create your message

Gift the edible card to your valentine and hopefully they will be willing to share with you!

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