Sunday, March 10, 2013

Did that really happen?

Sometimes good things happen that just don’t make sense and there is not much you can do besides ….well, just accept it! photo 3dc7a49c-4605-4c75-a39d-2eabed3561be.jpg photo 2fb50edb-221c-4985-b7ff-e1d0f2e63d4a.jpg

That’s exactly how I felt when I learned that Impact; a branding and marketing company named me as number three on their list of twenty one stunning examples of business using instagram.  Seriously, how did I even make this list and come in higher than huge companies like Gap and Levi’s at that!? Crazy, right?

In any case, Instagram is my go to these days since my blog posting has become irregular and I haven’t had much free time.  Are you on instagram?  If so, come say hello!

See the 21 business that made the cut HERE!


  1. AWESOME!! I just scrolled through the feature and you feed stands out for sure. Congrats!!

  2. It's because you have an awesome Instagram! Keep up the awesome social media marketing!