Thursday, May 30, 2013

One Party - Three DIY's: Painted Paper Vase Cover

I’ve got a confession.  I’m horrible at flower arranging, which is why my favorite go to centerpiece is a planted succulent.  Unfortunately, the plastic containers they come in aren’t so cute which is why I love this DIY for a painted vase cover.
DIY painted vase coverWould you have guessed that under the painted paper wrap is a small juice glass?
Easy party DIYMaterial: Small Glass Cup, Computer Painter, Acrylic Paint, Paintbrush, Scissors, Quick Dry Tacky Glue
 photo d1db85ed-9958-4960-b161-2068c63c4516.jpgHow To:
- Paint the sheet of computer paper
- Allow it to dry
- Trim it down to cover the glass – glue the paper together
- Slip over the glass
- Plant your succulent

This project is the final DIY in my One Party – Three DIY’s project!  See the other two here and here!

One Party - Three DIY's: Painted Seating Cards

Last week I shared that one of my favorite ways to personalize a party is to incorporate the guests name into the details.  
Stripe Painted DIY party seating cards
These easy to make striped seating cards are the perfect addition to the striped napkins I shared with you yesterday!Stripe Painted DIY Escort cards Party
Material: White Cardstock, Painters Tape, Acrylic Paint, Scissors, Pen
 photo 3acaa2c0-2316-45bf-8b60-2ae4874e34bf.jpgHow To:

- Cut your paper info a 3 inch height by 8 inch wide strip
- Cut the paper in half so you have two 3x4 inch pieces (repeat based on the number you need)
- Fold the cards in half
- Cover all of the spaces you want to remain white with painters tape
- Paint the exposed white paper
- Allow the paint to dry and remove the tape
- Write in your guests name with pen

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

One Party - Three DIY's: Painted Napkins

I’m so excited to be kicking off my One Party – Three DIY’s project with these painted napkins!DIY painted stripe cloth napkins photo fded9c88-7063-4f78-9a05-09baf3adf818.jpgThese napkins easily become a focal point of the table with the bright colors and slightly haphazard stripes!  I just love them.Modern DIY painted napkins

Material: White cloth napkins, Thin painters tape, scissors, acrylic paint, paintbrush
 photo 7f5ce960-1adb-41ea-8575-ad8b8af6a220.jpgHow To:
- Determine your paint colors
- Use the painters tape to make stripes on the napkin (I didn’t worry about perfect placement because I wanted the lines to be a little uneven)
- Paint away
- Allow the paint to dry and remove the tape