Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hand Drawn Kraft Paper Gift Bags

I had a small collection of kraft paper gift bags lying around the house that I had gotten from stores over the past few months.  They were kinda ho-hum boring so I decided I would try my hand at jazzing them up a bit and I’m so happy with the results!
 photo 008761ca-133f-46b7-b14a-92ae8bbfec0f.jpg photo a0d64a0b-3ecd-4f66-a4f7-bf8b1edc0528.jpg

I don’t consider myself much of an artist when it comes to freehand drawing but straight lines I can do!  I made a point to go with designs that would be easy to do and for your to recreate!
 photo 5a30de83-0394-4265-883a-e06d8543a474.jpg

Material: Kraft paper bags, painters tape, ruler, white paint pen
 photo f4f146ee-9f1f-43cd-b014-da7f4d369006.jpg photo 28f83fa5-2180-4173-a29c-6e99061d4a20.jpgHow To:

- Easy as can be….just start drawing!

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