Thursday, May 30, 2013

One Party - Three DIY's: Painted Paper Vase Cover

I’ve got a confession.  I’m horrible at flower arranging, which is why my favorite go to centerpiece is a planted succulent.  Unfortunately, the plastic containers they come in aren’t so cute which is why I love this DIY for a painted vase cover.
DIY painted vase coverWould you have guessed that under the painted paper wrap is a small juice glass?
Easy party DIYMaterial: Small Glass Cup, Computer Painter, Acrylic Paint, Paintbrush, Scissors, Quick Dry Tacky Glue
 photo d1db85ed-9958-4960-b161-2068c63c4516.jpgHow To:
- Paint the sheet of computer paper
- Allow it to dry
- Trim it down to cover the glass – glue the paper together
- Slip over the glass
- Plant your succulent

This project is the final DIY in my One Party – Three DIY’s project!  See the other two here and here!

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