Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Remodelista Design Finalist

Last year when I left my full time job I knew that I needed a work space where I would be inspired and could hunker down and WORK on building my business.  We’re fortunate to have a two-bedroom apartment in the city but the second bedroom certainly posed many challenges when it came to the redesign.
 photo b8dc86aa-760c-4e9d-ba3c-385eb66b23f3.jpg photo d3e7d958-a64a-41f0-b5aa-f92fb5cd9e9e.jpgMy Challenges

1. Teeny tiny space (8.5 x 10 feet)
2. Budget – Under $700 I wrote this post about it
3. Dual Function –We love hosting out of town guests and they need a place to sleep

I did a lot of research and picked pieces that would get the job done and still look good (aka. Faux leather futon and desk from…..WalMart). I reused décor pieces from our wedding and brought in jars for storage. 

I met all the challenges and am thrilled with the results which is why it is such an honor to be a finalist in Remodelista Design Awards! I would very much appreciate your vote!

Vote & See Additional Office Images: HERE
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Easy Paper Crafts - Wrapping Paper Bows

Wrapping gifts is one of life’s simple pleasures – no, really. It is! And, over the years I’ve amassed a pretty impressive collection of wrapping paper.  photo Bow.pngBut the thing that I hate is that in the end, if you don’t have the perfect bow to finish it off the gift looks a little flat. These wrapping paper bows are so easy to make and are the perfect finishing touch!
 photo 96675f3f-191c-4c73-a2bc-1f95087bfbe0.jpgMaterial: Wrapping Paper, Double Stick Tape, Quick Dry Tacky Glue, Scissors
 photo b84a614b-4a97-4a5d-8512-02be84524893.jpgHow To:

- Once your gift is wrapped, cut a strip of wrapping paper
- Glue the ends together
- Fold it in half – Then fold it in half again
- Cut two even triangles leaving a small space in between the two points
- Cut a small piece of scrap paper and glue it around the middle section
- Cut two long thin pieces and glue to the bottom of the bow
- Cut the ends of the strip to look like a banner end
- Glue the bow in place on top of the present

Monday, June 17, 2013

Modified Paint By Numbers DIY

Last year, when I had the opportunity to meet and interview Jonathan Adler in his SoHo studio I noticed that in his office he had paint by number art that had been modified in the most fantastic way (see it here). I searched to find rad paint by number sets for over a year and could only find landscapes, puppies and kittens…..no thanks. I came up with option B, which was to take an existing paint by number and do the reverse of what I had seen and loved. Upcycled quote paint by number DIY I found a completed paint by number painting at the Alameda Flea and then went straight to my friend Tiffany’s pinterest board which is full of inspirational quotes. I love the way that this turned out and could definitely see myself making more of these in the future! Paint by number inspired by Jonathan Adler Material: Completed paint by number art, painter’s tape, white acrylic paint, paintbrush, alphabet stickers Paint by number quote how to DIY How To:
- Find the phrase you want to use
- Tape up the sides of the frame if the art is mounted like mine was
- Lay out your stickers – Tip: Start in the middle and work your way around
- Paint over the canvas – you may need to do multiple coats of paint
- Once the paint is dry, remove the stickers!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Treat Box DIY – with Free Printable

Got a party on the horizon but not a huge budget to spend?  Add some festive flair to your next get together with these fun DIY treat boxes! 
 photo TB-1.png Using a very simple origami technique, these treat boxes are surprisingly quick and easy to make.
 Easy Party DIY treat box free printable Material: Free Paper Printable, Bone Folder, Scissors, Ruler, Plastic Cello Bag, Pencil, Quick Dry Tacky Glue, Ribbon, Candy
 photo 3c529a40-4ac1-48e5-bc6b-3012937484f2.jpgHow To:

- Print out Pattern Paper
- Cut the solid color paper into an even square
- Follow these directions to create the bottom of the box
- Measure the width of your box and cut a strip in the width to cover the outside of the box
- Measure the sides of the box and create folds in the appropriate place
- Cut a “window” on the top of your box
- Cut your cello into a small square to cover the “window” and glue in place
- Glue the ends of the top wrap together
- Fill with candy, tie with ribbon and place a sticker on top!

P.S. – Recognize the print from the paper?  It’s from this travel theme baby shower!