Monday, June 3, 2013

Paint Chip Stir Stick DIY

Any DIY that requires me to go out for margaritas is alright with me!  
Paint Chip drink Stir Stick DIYI’ve had some pretty color paint chips laying around the house for a few weeks and I decided to put them to good use with this easy DIY that is perfect for your next get together. photo f0c74a3a-40d4-4123-9d4e-3dd3e0d4bac4.jpgMaterial: Bamboo skewers, quick dry tacky glue, paint chips, scissors, double stick tape, thin hole pinch, printer
 photo 4172b44b-7e45-4785-b3c3-2c4e924b1ca1.jpgHow To:
- There are two ways to create the circles – you can hand draw them or lay them out on your computer and print directly onto the paint chips
- Once you have your circles, cut them out
- Lay them one on top of the next (don’t include the smallest circle)
- Pinch a hole through the middle
- Put a small line of tacky glue on the top of the skewer
- Place the circles on the bamboo sticks – largest to smallest
- Place a dab of clue on the top of the stick and place the smallest circle and hold till it sticks

Just add drinks! Cheers!

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  1. OMG!!! How cute are these?!? I love, love, love them. I must make these for my margaritas immediately!