Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Remodelista Design Finalist

Last year when I left my full time job I knew that I needed a work space where I would be inspired and could hunker down and WORK on building my business.  We’re fortunate to have a two-bedroom apartment in the city but the second bedroom certainly posed many challenges when it came to the redesign.
 photo b8dc86aa-760c-4e9d-ba3c-385eb66b23f3.jpg photo d3e7d958-a64a-41f0-b5aa-f92fb5cd9e9e.jpgMy Challenges

1. Teeny tiny space (8.5 x 10 feet)
2. Budget – Under $700 I wrote this post about it
3. Dual Function –We love hosting out of town guests and they need a place to sleep

I did a lot of research and picked pieces that would get the job done and still look good (aka. Faux leather futon and desk from…..WalMart). I reused décor pieces from our wedding and brought in jars for storage. 

I met all the challenges and am thrilled with the results which is why it is such an honor to be a finalist in Remodelista Design Awards! I would very much appreciate your vote!

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