Monday, July 29, 2013

Alt San Francisco - Recap

Alt Summit San Francisco Recap
I had grand plans of sharing all my notes from Alt San Francisco (I’m a really thorough note taker!) only to discover that the file I thought I had saved went missing.  Such is life right?   Since that’s no longer an option, I’ll leave you with this:

My favorite quotes from the speakers of Alt – Thank goodness I tweeted these!

"The entrepreneur doesn't care what others think; reach for that quiet 'F-you' place when you need it" - Mariam, Co-Founder/CEO, Minted

“You will go through hardship like every person does building a business; remember this: The journey is the reward.” - Mike, Founder, Flipboard

“Know this: When creating content, nothing is original. Accept it, get over it. See your own strengths and make it your own.” – Rena Tom

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