About Stacy

StacyPageF I’m in a serious relationship with my printer. I got married in July 2011 (not to my printer) but to an amazing guy, Christoph. I’m obsessed with our dog Ginger. We usually have a fish named Shark Week. We’re currently on Shark Week II.  I was my best friend’s campaign manager in her run for 7th grade class president. I started young and I still work in PR - only now it's PR for the wedding industry.  You're engaged? Yay! I also plan events for this company.  I read the newspaper every day. I make cards, stationery, invitations and party décor. Usually it involves the color lime green.  I currently live in the amazing city of San Francisco, though I grew up in the So. Cal Inland Empire.  I prefer my cereal without milk. I love to eat. Apparently I eat with great abandon and I’m not ashamed of it. I’ve been called a foodie with McDonalds taste buds.  I've never met a DIY I didn't like.  I love to sew and I love making new friends (Let's talk shop: crafts, The Bachelor, fashion. I'm all ears).

Photos by: Christine Chang